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Getting a Florida Residential Contractor License Part 2

Are you ready to pursue a career as a residential contractor? Helping people build their dream homes is no easy task, but with the right team and a knack for executing “big picture” ideas, you could become a successful residential contractor. However, before you can start building homes, you need to acquire the proper licensing.

Once you’ve met all of the licensing requirements for Florida residential contractors that our Tallahassee construction law attorneys covered in part one, it’s time to take your Florida residential contractor exam. Get ready to break out the books and start studying, because these tests are known to be difficult and unforgiving to those who don’t prepare for them.

Examinations Overview

Everyone has taken a test they forgot to study for. You probably looked at the questions and thought to yourself “I should have taken this test more seriously.” The same logic applies to your residential contractor exams. Gather your study materials in advance so you can study before you take your exams. To become a residential contractor, applicants must pass a business exam and a trade exam. The trade exam is further divided into two different tests: the Contractor Administration test and the Project Management test. Applicants must pass all sections of these exams to meet the academic requirements for obtaining a residential contractor license.

Florida Residential Contractor Exams

In order for applicants to obtain their residential contractor license, they must prepare for significant variances in test format and content across all three exams.

  • Residential Contract Administration Exam: This open-book exam features 45 questions and lasts 4 hours and 45 minutes during a morning session. Subjects on this exam include: pre-construction activities, project contracts, obtaining licenses, permits and approvals, and construction procedures and operations.
  • Residential Project Management Exam: This open-book exam features 60 questions and lasts 4 hours and 45 minutes during an afternoon session. Subjects on this exam include: construction methods, materials, tools, equipment, safety, and reading plans and specifications.
  • Business and Finance Exam: This exam features 120 questions and lasts 6 hours and 30 minutes. Subjects on this exam include: establishing the contracting business, conducting accounting functions, managing trade operations, managing human resources, complying with government regulations, and managing administrative duties.

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