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A construction defect is a broad term that can include many types of construction gaffes. From a design flaw that puts its tenants in a hazardous situation to poor workmanship that results in a failure to meet the expectations of the project, being accused of a construction defect can be devastating to your business and your reputation. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, a Greensboro construction defect attorney can help defend you against construction defect claims.

The Most Common Types of Defects

Although there are many types of defects, the great majority of construction defect claims involve four types of deficiencies. Here are the four most common types of defects in the construction industry:

Design: Architects and engineers that work strictly in the design phase can be accused of a defect if their design is discovered to have some serious flaw. Whether the defect was discovered in the building process or after the fact, a bad design can cripple a project’s budget.

Materials: Contractors must always be wary of the materials they use to complete a project as more cost-effective materials may lack quality and sustainability. Whether it’s loose shingles, bad drywall, or windows that do not seal, contractors can be accused of a defect if they utilize the wrong building materials.

Construction: In some cases, the contractor failed to deliver quality work during construction. Better yet, maybe the contractor hired a subcontractor that failed to meet the needs of the project. Of course, since this was the contractor’s hire, they could be liable in a defect claim. Cracks in the foundation, dry rot, electrical issues, or the presence of mold, are just a few examples of construction defects.

Beneath the Surface: All structures must be built on stable ground. If the foundation of the home or building is developed on bad soil or there isn’t an effective drainage system in place, then the structure’s foundation is inadequate.

How Can a Greensboro Construction Defect Lawyer Help You?

If you have been accused of a construction defect, a Greensboro construction defect lawyer can provide you with knowledgeable legal counsel. There are many laws and legal nuances related to construction defects. For example, in the State of North Carolina, most defect claims have a statute of limitations that expires after three years. However, this timeframe doesn’t begin after the final day of work. There’s a “discovery rule” that provides the owner of the structure with three years to take legal action after this defect is discovered. In other words, if there was a hidden defect, this would give the owner ample time to file a construction defect claim.

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