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Contractors must deal with many different concerns on a daily basis. From project deadlines to labor shortage problems to several other things, professionals in the construction industry never want to worry about being compensated for work they have performed on a project. If you are interested in filing a mechanic’s lien on a property you performed work on, please contact a Greensboro construction lien lawyer today.

Legal Counsel From a Greensboro Mechanic’s Lien Lawyer

Under the laws established in the State of North Carolina, a professional in the construction industry can file a mechanic’s lien if they performed work that improved the overall value of the property. Whether it’s construction work, designing the structure, or providing materials, equipment, or other resources to the project, any person under contract with the owner or contractor that increased the property value with their professional contributions is authorized to file a lien on the property.

Is There a Deadline to File a Mechanic’s Lien?

If you are owed compensation from an owner on a project, it’s critical that you immediately contact a Greensboro mechanic’s lien lawyer. Many contractors are not aware that they must file a lien within 120 days of completing work on a project. Similarly, the deadline to file a preliminary notice must be done within 15 days of beginning work on a project. Depending on your position on a project, the legal requirements can greatly vary and the process of filing a lien along with whom you send the lien to can also differ.

The Complexity of Lien Laws

As lien laws are very complex, there are many reasons why you need a Greensboro mechanic’s lien attorney to assist you with perfecting your lien before eligibility expires. It’s essential that you contact an experienced attorney that can help you establish your lien rights in compliance with the laws in North Carolina. As a nationally recognized law firm, we can also assist you with filing a lien in numerous other states as well.

A Construction Law Firm That Protects Your Business

Whether it’s help filing a lien against an owner, assistance with seeking compensation from a bankrupt entity, negotiating your next contract, or ensuring that certain payment and performance bonds are featured in your legal agreement, there are many ways that a Greensboro construction lien attorney can assist you with both the financial and legal aspects of your construction projects. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we are proud to serve construction professionals and provide their business with services that protect their best interests.

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