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Greensboro Contractor License Defense Attorney

For contractors, it’s important to make certain that you are in compliance with the law when you are working on a project. For example, in the State of North Carolina, contractors performing work on a project in excess of $30,000 must have a contractor’s license. Failing to abide by this law can result in a Class 2 misdemeanor. Of course, performing unlicensed work can also result in excessive fines and severely damage your professional reputation. Before you begin work on a project, contact a Greensboro contractor license defense attorney to make certain that your license has not expired.

A Knowledgeable Greensboro Contractor License Defense Lawyer

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our attorneys all have a unique background in construction. Many of our attorneys have worked as contractors in the past and understand the nuances of the construction industry. Contractor license defense law is among the most complex areas of litigation. If you are involved in a legal dispute related to allegations of an expired or revoked license, or you want to ensure your license is active, a Greensboro contractor license defense lawyer can help you navigate this complicated legal process.

An Owner May Not Compensate You Without a License

If you fail to obtain a license from the North Carolina Licensing Board, there are more than just legal ramifications at stake. A contractor license dispute can result in losing your right to compensation for work you performed on a project. For example, if an owner contracts with a contractor that has an expired or revoked license, the owner can assert non-payment as their defense against compensating you for a completed project. In other words, if the contractor was illegally performing work because they did not have a valid license, the owner may be legally obligated to not compensate the contractor. Greensboro contractor license defense attorney can help you ensure that your license is active so owners are stripped of their ability to withhold payments

A Construction Law Firm Dedicated to Contractors

With over 100 years of combined experience, the attorneys of Cotney Attorneys & Consultants are dedicated to assisting contractors with their projects. As a nationally recognized law firm, we can guide you through any state or federal laws pertaining to your construction business. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • License Defense
  • Assistance with License Applications
  • Contract Drafting & Review
  • Contract Negotiation
  • OSHA Defense
  • Construction Defect Defense
  • Litigation and Arbitration Services

If you are in need of a professional construction law firm, please submit our contact request form for more information.

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