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Guarding Against Delays During the Pre-Construction Phase Part 2 featured image

Guarding Against Delays During the Pre-Construction Phase Part 2

Our Nashville contractor lawyers know that rushing through a project’s pre-construction phase can lead to a disorderly operation filled with gaps in communication, incomplete processes, and delays in scheduling. A successful project is one with established priorities, a clearly defined scope of work, and a realistic schedule and budget.

Get Focused

Define and communicate project goals and priorities. Discuss concerns, review drawings, and evaluate the project from start to finish. Discuss any questions or concerns that come up. When establishing the scope of work, take care to thoroughly prepare and submit drawings, choose your materials, and review the contract. Determining milestones, tasks, and completion dates will help to solidify project costs and scheduling. A sound plan, schedule, and budget will lead to a hassle-free project and mitigate your risk for disputes and the need for a Nashville contractor attorney.

Strategies for Reducing Delays

Delays can be reduced through meticulous planning. Estimates must be accurate and project milestones should be realistic. Contractors should pay careful attention during the design phase, which will help you flag potential issues that could cause a delay. Finally, thoroughly understanding the client’s needs will help you avoid costly delays. It is one thing for a client to change their mind later in the project, but it is an entirely different story when you have misunderstood a need that was expressed in the initial stages of the operation.

In Conclusion

An awareness of where pre-construction activities can go wrong is a key to avoiding a delay down the line. It is critical that your team is positioned for a smooth project minus the surprises. It is also important to have a team of professionals that understands project management to ensure the project is tracked effectively and risks are mitigated as they arise. If you want to minimize inconsistencies, errors, and conflicts, contact one of our Nashville contractor attorneys for a review of your contract and other important documents.

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