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Helping Your Customers See the Value in Roofing Maintenance

It’s a given that every building owner wants to get the most out of their roofing system. However, many times, once it is installed, owners can be guilty of becoming oblivious to roofing issues if they are not readily perceivable. As a result, the roofing system is handled reactively rather than proactively. When something bad happens, they may seek a roofing lawyer for damage control.

Providing Value to Your Customers

Roofing contractors should help their customers understand the importance of roofing maintenance in various ways. For one, a roofing issue, such as a leak, can go undetected for months before it is even noticed. If your customers are encouraged to invest in a preventative roofing maintenance immediately after installing their new roof, it will help them extend the life of their roofing system. Not only are preventative services beneficial to your customers, they are beneficial to you because it adds significant value to your business.

Reasons Why Owners Fail to Maintain Their Roof

With today’s roofing innovations (materials and applications), some believe that modern roofs don’t need much maintenance. Although systems are more efficient and durable, a maintenance-free roof does not exist. In fact, many commercial roofs are replaced prematurely due to a lack of maintenance.

Additionally, your customers may not understand what is actually covered under their warranty. They incorrectly assume that every roofing problem they encounter will be covered. For example, a material only warranty will only cover manufacturer defects and premature deterioration but they do not cover, errors stemming from poor installation or leak repair costs.

Types of Maintenance Services

You become more valuable to your customers when you help them understand the benefits of roof maintenance. In fact, you should consider offering your maintenance services with every estimate that you provide. Your maintenance package should include services such as:

  • Regularly scheduled visual roof inspections
  • Documentation of roof conditions
  • Repair of deficient roofing components
  • Quotes for repair recommendations
  • Routine maintenance

Help your customers dispel the common myths about roofing maintenance and inform your customers of their responsibilities under their roof warranty. Regular roof inspections are necessary and maintenance is not optional. Neglecting maintenance can void their warranty.

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