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Hire an Experienced OSHA Attorney

The Occupation Safety and Health Association, or OSHA for short, is a sector of the United States Department of Labor that is charged with the task of enforcing workplace safety and health regulations and standards.

Why Was OSHA Created?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 was enacted by Congress to help employers and employees reduce the frequency and likelihood of job-related injuries, illnesses and deaths. Through a number of national compliance initiatives, OSHA helps construction professionals protect their employees and reduce the number of these occurrences.

Since the enactment of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, job-related deaths have decreased by more than 60 percent and occupational injuries and illnesses have declined 40 percent. Be that as it may, OSHA has issued over 85,000 citations for alleged safety violations found during routine inspections.

If you have recently been cited for a health or safety violation, we urge you to contact a OSHA attorney immediately for legal counsel.

What Does OSHA Do?

OSHA is charged with the task of enforcement, assistance, and cooperation. Through means of inspection and an issuing of citations and/or fines for known violations, OSHA ensures employers abide by their safety standards and regulations. OSHA also offers assistance through providing outreach and training to employers and their employees. In addition, OSHA encourages cooperation by means of partnerships and alliances through voluntary programs, such as Voluntary Protection Programs, OSHA Strategic Partnerships, and other industry Alliances.

The Importance of an Experienced OSHA Lawyer

When it comes to OSHA violations, the OSHA lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants have significant experience with representing construction professionals. The penalties that are associated with OSHA violations can have a significant impact on the operations of a business. As such, it is imperative for contractors and construction professionals of the like to work with an OSHA defense lawyer who understands the process and can successfully defend their violations.

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