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Hiring a Roofing Attorney to Represent You

Roofers face a unique set of problems that can arise from their work. If there is a problem with the roof, then there is a problem somewhere else in the building as well. In many cases, roofers are blamed for problems that can exist just about anywhere in the building if they think that the roof is a part of the problem. You may find yourself in a position where you need to defend your company from disputes or lawsuits. In these cases, you’ll likely need a roofing attorney to represent you.

In this brief article, we’ll provide some advice on what to look for when hiring an attorney to represent you.

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Disputes with Contractors

Contract disputes can arise for any number of reasons. For roofing companies, there are many ways that contractors and insurance companies try to limit how much they are paid. If your company does quality work and someone refuses to pay, you may have to file a contract dispute. In this case, you’ll want to hire a roofing attorney to help you file the dispute and negotiate a reasonable settlement.

OSHA Violations

Workplace safety is an important part of the roofing industry. If your company faces OSHA violations, then you may need to defend yourself against those violations. Hiring an attorney can help you defend your license and your company against wrongful OSHA violations. At the very least, a lawyer can help you minimize the penalty so that it won’t have a massive impact on your company.

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Denied Insurance Claims

Much of the work that roofers do is contracted by insurance companies. Insurance companies are usually involved in handling roof damage, but getting payment from them can be difficult at times. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to underpay or not pay claims. If your roofing company is denied an insurance claim for roofing repair work that you’ve already done, hiring one of our roofing attorneys can help you file a lawsuit and get paid for your work.


While roofing attorneys handle a variety of lawsuits, they also help with alternatives to lawsuits. For example, many attorneys can provide assistance with arbitrations and mediation to resolve disputes without going to court. They can also help resolve employment disputes and other internal issues that may have legal implications.

Limiting Penalties

The roofing industry is very competitive, and having to pay penalties or other expenses outside of completing work can make a roofing business unprofitable. Having legal representation on your side when you need it can significantly reduce your chances of having to pay penalties, fines, fees, and other expenses. 

Our roofing attorneys specialize in protecting roofing companies from these problems. Even in a case against OSHA, your attorney can reduce or eliminate a penalty entirely. If you find yourself in situations where you need legal representation often, you can partner with a legal team capable of providing guidance on how to avoid these situations and representing you when they arise.

Completing work should be the primary focus of your roofing company, not dealing with disputes and other problems. Having an attorney help you with contracts and disputes can limit the interruptions to your work. If you have any questions about the services that a roofing attorney can provide, contact one of our attorneys at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

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