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How a Charlotte Bid Protest Lawyer Can Protect Firms from Unfavorable Bids

Drafting a bid is an arduous process. The time and effort you spend putting together a bid can cost your company valuable resources, which is why it can be so frustrating when your firm isn’t selected. Before you begin the bid process, a construction lawyer can help you craft an organized, concise bid that separates you from the competition. In some cases, a bid won’t be selected for all the wrong reasons. If you believe your firm wasn’t fairly considered for a contract, a skilled Charlotte bid protest attorney can guide you through the bid protest process. 

Consult an Attorney Before the Bid is Submitted

Submitting a bid and procuring a contract can be extremely daunting. Consulting a Charlotte bid protest lawyer will ensure that the bid is crafted carefully and thoroughly reviewed. A construction lawyer can increase the value of your bid by utilizing North Carolina’s “lowest responsible bidder” rule. This means that an attorney can help ensure that your bid meets the qualifications necessary to create the proper bid. Furthermore, an attorney can help draft proposals to showcase your company’s value even if you are not the lowest cost.

A construction attorney can also provide guidance by performing a comprehensive evaluation of your firm to target the best federal contracts for you. After we help you select the right types of projects, we will help build out the bid package in compliance with North Carolina’s bid standards. Thanks to our deep understanding of the industry, our attorneys are able to pinpoint the exact bid specifications that agencies are looking for. 

Contesting an unfavorable bid

Contractors in North Carolina who are unsatisfied with the outcome of the bid process can bring this to the attention of the government agency who conducted the bid. If this conversation doesn’t result in a favorable outcome, contractors can file a claim and appear in court. It is vital to base your protest claim on the reasons that North Carolina finds to be acceptable for a claim. 

A Charlotte bid protest lawyer can discuss all of the reasons that you may protest a bid, including: 

  • Erroneous acceptance of a bid
  • Failure to follow statutory bidding procedures
  • Unjustifiably narrow specifications
  • Awarding a contract for non-permissible reasons

A construction attorney can discuss potential damages, including monetary, declaratory, and mandamus injunctions. Whether challenging a winning bid or protecting your bid, a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys increases the likelihood that your firm will be awarded a government contract. 

Winning bids is essential for every successful contractor. Knowing when and how to protest a construction contract bid decision is a very important skill to have in the competitive world of contract bidding. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our construction attorneys can help you win more construction bids and represent you in any construction-related legal proceeding, including a bid protest where a contract was unfairly awarded to a competitor.   

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