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How Artificial Intelligence will Impact the Construction Industry Part 2

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool in the construction industry promises to enhance nearly every aspect of daily operations. Whether it’s tools that give architects better insight into how a structure needs to be designed or robots that can perform mundane or dangerous tasks, AI is helping companies to work better and safer. While it’s a fairly hefty investment for many companies and some technologies have yet to hit the market, AI promises to become a standard part of how structures are built in the approaching future.

In the first part of this series, our Jacksonville construction lawyers discussed three ways in which AI is impacting construction companies throughout the United States. In this part, we offer two more game changing uses.

Leverage Best Practices

One of the most fascinating benefits of AI is that it can allow you to look at years of design information and data to determine best practices. Designs from the past can be compared with the current conditions of structures and environmental conditions to determine the best course of action for engineers. Previously, engineers had to rely on experience or theoretical knowledge, now the evidence of best design practices are available to them. Additionally, AI provides the ability to better integrate items such as weather conditions and daily reports into the project scheduling.

Driverless Construction Vehicles

One of the more exciting applications of AI is the emergence of driverless vehicles on construction sites. These tools use GPS to navigate the jobsite. For example, smart excavation machines can receive data from drones that surveyed an area and produced a 3D map that is then combined with construction plans to create a set of instructions. These machines and others free up construction workers to perform other tasks and enhances the overall safety of the jobsite.

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