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How Can Construction Companies Get Paid in a Timely Manner?

It’s a primary tenet of business that we all want to get paid for the work that we do. The construction industry is no different. As a contractor, subcontractor or construction company, you are solely responsible for putting the necessary measures in place to ensure you are paid promptly. In a perfect world, a developer would see the work you are doing and pay you without asking (perhaps, pay you double. It’s a perfect world right.) However, it’s not a perfect world, developers are busy, and the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Unfortunately, there are times where you don’t get paid in a timely manner. It’s during these times that an Orlando construction attorney can help you enforce a mechanic’s lien against a property. However, this takes time— time that your invoices are not getting paid. There are a number of actions you can take that can help you get paid quicker and without litigation. This includes:

Send a Preliminary Notice

A preliminary notice or a Notice to Owner, as it is also known, is a note provided by construction personnel or vendors to developers or site owners establishing their right to file a mechanic’s lien, if not paid within a preset time frame. While it may seem aggressive to do this, it actually sets the tone for the business relationship and notifies the owner that they will be held accountable for payment.

Make it Easy to Pay You

Sometimes, prompt payment is as easy as removing barriers. Setting up an online payment account can make it easy for companies to pay you quickly. It also allows you to access funds in a timely manner.

Never Do Work Without Proper Approval

Make sure that you are only doing the work that has been specified in your contract and do not perform additional work without a change order. If an owner or developer requests changes or additions be made to your current set of work, make sure that they go through the change order process first.

What If You Need to Enforce a Mechanic’s Lien

If you need to enforce a mechanic’s lien against a property, it’s best to have the help of an Orlando construction attorney who can assess the details of your case and work to help you get the payment that you deserve.

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