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How Can Contractors Gain Access to Unlimited Bond Claim Filings?

In a perfect world, construction professionals would receive payment on time for work and materials provided. We may not live in a perfect world, but we do live in a state with lien and bond laws designed to project contractors, subcontractors, material providers, and design professionals from withheld payment. Filing a lien or bond claim may be your best chance to obtain payment from a party that is unwilling or unable to pay, but that doesn’t make it any less of a costly process. That’s why Cotney Attorneys & Consultants has put together a number of affordable subscription plans, including several that come with unlimited lien and bond claims. 

Starting with our Silver plan, you can gain access to unlimited lien and bond claims as well as a number of other useful legal services that we’ll discuss below. And if you’d like to learn more about our affordable subscription services, consult a Charlotte construction lien attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants. 

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Unlimited Lien Claims

Filing a mechanic’s lien is a useful, albeit complicated, process for obtaining payment. North Carolina contractors will need to abide by a number of deadlines and requirements imposed by state law in order to successfully file and enforce a claim. That’s a big ask for construction professionals running a business, especially when you’re juggling multiple claims. Starting with our Silver plan, you can gain access to unlimited lien claims. No matter how many mechanic’s liens you need to file, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve already enlisted a Charlotte mechanic’s lien attorney to comply with state deadlines and notice requirements on your behalf. 

Unlimited Bond Claims 

Bond claims are the answer to withheld payments on public projects. You may not be able to file a lien on government property, but you can file a claim against the construction bond, a surety bond that ensures that parties below the general contractor are paid for their services. Depending on the type of public project you’re working on, you will have to abide by either North Carolina law or the Miller Act. But with a Cotney Attorneys & Consultants subscription plan, our attorneys can worry about the details while you focus on building your business. Along with unlimited lien claims, unlimited bond claims are offered with our Silver plan for $1199 per month. 

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Other Benefits of the Silver Plan 

In addition to the benefits described above, a silver plan provides access to: 

  • Attorney On-Demand
  • Unlimited Phone Calls With CCL
  • Unlimited Demand Letters
  • Unlimited Contract Review (Non-Dispute)
  • Unlimited Communications With CCL
  • Unlimited Manual Reviews and Updates

With the services and clear pricing of our subscription plan, you can effectively budget your legal spend month to month (an invaluable benefit given the current economic crisis). For access to an on-demand attorney who can ensure that your unlimited lien and bond claims are filed in compliance with state and federal law, invest in a legal subscription plan from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants. 

If you would like to speak with a Charlotte construction lien attorney, please contact us today.

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