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How Can Mediation Save Costs?

Construction projects often involve change orders, complications, and delays. An argument with a property owner or stakeholder can turn into a long and drawn-out legal process. In the event that a dispute is on the way to becoming a civil case, mediation can work as an alternative to litigation. While a lawyer is not necessary for mediation, a lawyer who has an in-depth knowledge of construction law can help provide a desirable solution to disputes.

In this article, an Orlando construction lawyer will discuss the cost savings of choosing to mediate a construction dispute.


Instead of months, most meditations are wrapped up in days. Your time and resources are limited even under the best circumstances. If your time is sucked up by a trial that could have been mediated, you’ll have less time for everything else in your packed schedule. The time dedicated to a trial can vary, but any amount of time lost can mean losing out on a bid or falling behind schedule on one or more of your projects.


The cost of litigation depends on the complexity and scope of the lawsuit. As the saying goes, time is money. Since less time overall is spent mediating the solution to the dispute versus litigating, you can get back to your jobsite and other responsibilities sooner. Dragging out a trial can result in delayed construction and initiate a ripple effect, causing current and future projects to lag.


Your business often comes from repeat clients. If you choose to litigate aggressively, it could cost you future business. Mediation can be a way to build trust and maintain beneficial relationships with clients because the process is collaborative and non-adversarial.

Depending on the reason for litigation, it could mean damage to your reputation. Laying out the details of the proceedings for public records may come up when people search for you or your services.

If You Can’t Avoid Litigation

Mediation can’t solve every problem. Both parties may not agree to mediation, the parties may not reach an agreement, or you may need a binding legal ruling. The experienced lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants can protect your interests in court.

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