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How Collaboration Can Reduce Construction Risk

Is it possible to incorporate more collaboration on a construction project? Owners seem to believe it is. Furthermore, contractors who understand the benefits reap higher profits, earlier completion, and fewer contract disputes. Incorporating collaboration helps to manage risks, impact risk evaluation, and assist mitigation strategies in the construction industry.

Regular Meetings

The tendency for owners to shift project risk to contractors is one of the reasons that it is so important to collaborate. In the beginning of the project, contractors are more focused on the risks associated with contract terms and procurement of labor. As a result, brainstorming sheds light on the other risks including project safety, schedule, and client satisfaction. Contractors report that holding regular meetings with the full project team, and focusing on a plan to manage risk, is among the top risk mitigation strategies.

Communicate to Collaborate

The success of a collaboration depends on communication and performance. We recommend holding regular meetings with the project team and brainstorming in groups before bidding and during construction phases. Although there will always be workplace accidents, improving communication and the flow of that information helps reduce risk factors and maintain project quality. Frequent communication can correct specification flaws and reduce delays. Our Orlando construction attorneys suggest documenting the items discussed in meetings to have a log of all concerns and decisions made. Collaboration includes equal sharing of risk and reward between all members of the construction project team. Another long term reward of a collaborating team is the team—architect, engineer, general contractor, subcontractor— establishing relationships that extend to future projects.

Preparing for Collaboration

Update company protocol if your projects follow the traditional model. If you decide to pursue collaborative projects, promote collaboration in your marketing presence and discuss collaboration to the owner throughout the project. Provide examples of your specific expertise and how you have solved problems and improved results on past projects. This helps owners realize the benefits and your commitment to success.

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