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How Contractors Can Boost Employee Relations Part 1

For those who own a construction business maintaining employee relations is essential. A good company culture is one where employees are genuinely happy to come to work daily. Better relationships with employees can lead to loyalty to the company and foster greater motivation. It also results in greater productivity, fewer safety risks, and more revenue.

Below, our Birmingham construction lawyers offer some suggestions for staying connected with your employees. Head over to part two for the remainder of the article.

Respond Promptly

Construction is a busy industry. It’s typically hard to pin down contractors, but you must find a way to ensure you are accessible to your employees whether by cell or email. Contractors that are slow to reply send the message that they don’t want to be bothered. When you respond quickly, you show that you are touchable.

Be Present

Some managers like to stay locked in their offices. This comes off as unapproachable. However, when you are physically present and walking around the job site, you convey your willingness to connect with everyone. You can even be “present” when you are out of the office by calling into the office to check your messages or to see if anyone needs your assistance.

Schedule One-On-One Meetings

Meetings can be endless for companies, but they are necessary. It’s important to schedule regular one-on-ones with your key people. These meetings don’t have to be extensive at all. Meetings will help you and workers stay accountable and in the know.

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