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How Did This Nashville Highway Project End Up Ahead of Schedule?

Our Nashville law firm has noticed an uptick in stalled and delayed projects. This has been mainly caused by the spread of COVID-19, but common issues like construction disputes, withheld payments, and labor shortages are also contributing factors. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find projects that are being completed ahead of schedule, but that’s exactly what’s happening on the newly reconstructed Interstate 440. As announced by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), all lanes will be open on July 2. 

How did this project end up ahead of schedule? And what can other construction companies do to ensure that their projects reach completion on time and without issue? We explore these topics below. If you’re concerned about the consequences of your construction project falling behind schedule, consult a Nashville contractor attorney with Cotney Attorneys & Consultants. 

The Largest Project in TDOT History 

Not only is I-440 being completed a full month ahead of schedule, but it is also the largest project in the history of the TDOT. The reconstructed I-440 project is valued at $154.8 million and features “three travel lanes in each direction plus auxiliary lanes, new lighting, new color overhead message boards, new landscaping, and ramp safety improvements at the 21st Avenue and Murphy Avenue exits.” The I-440 project was undertaken to improve safety and traffic, and is just one of a number of vital infrastructure projects in the state of Tennessee.

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One Month Ahead of Schedule 

While we can only speculate, it is very likely that the project ended up ahead of schedule as a result of long-term lane closures that began back in 2019. Statewide stay-in-place orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 likely also allowed construction crews to take advantage of reduced traffic. However, we must not overlook the role that project planning plays in ensuring that projects like this are completed ahead of schedule. Without proper project planning, this project would have surely succumbed to any of the issues commonly encountered in the industry, such as delays, defects, and disputes. Consult a Nashville contractor attorney with our law firm for assistance with project planning or resolving legal issues. 

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Celebrating Success 

As a result of the ongoing outbreak, there will not be a traditional ribbon cutting event. However, the TDOT will be hosting a caravan event on July 2 to commemorate the opening of this monumental highway project. Our team congratulates the TDOT and the construction company involved for their success. Not all companies will be able to complete their construction project a month early, but with proper project planning and legal protection, a company can help ensure that their projects finish on time and under budget. For a legal team that will help ensure your success, partner with Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.  

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