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How Distributors Can Help Construction Contractors Increase Efficiency Part 1 featured image

How Distributors Can Help Construction Contractors Increase Efficiency Part 1

Sometimes there are not enough hours in a day for contractors to get everything done. This is why it is important for contractors to have help in different areas of their business. Aside from focusing on labor and the project schedule, contractors must manage their building materials more effectively for better project efficiency. Have you taken the time to get to know your distributor? Read this section and part two to learn the various ways that distributors can help contractors.

Why Contractors Need a Quality Distributor

Building materials are a critical component of projects, and contractors are typically not material experts. Establishing a relationship with a reputable construction distributor means having someone in your corner who understands your business and preferences, one that is on top of building material changes, and helps you to solve your product challenges. This puts you at an advantage. Our Tallahassee construction law attorneys will discuss how distributors can help you be more efficient.

Product Knowledge

It is a given that a distributor should have product knowledge. However, a distributor must take that product knowledge a step higher. Does your current distributor have an intimate understanding of which products work best for your particular needs? Can they suggest substitutions if certain components are unavailable for a project task so you can avoid schedule delays? Find a distributor that not only has in-depth knowledge products but one who also knows your industry or trade from the inside out.

Money Saving Opportunities

Manufacturers use rebate programs to reward those who use their products. When you use a manufacturer’s products exclusively on certain projects, it builds their brand so they will reward you accordingly through rebates. Most manufacturers and distributors partner together which means that your distributor will have insight into what rebates are available to you. Managing rebates is time-consuming because there are a plethora of rebates for different products. A distributor may offer a program to help you manage any rebates and incentives you may qualify for.

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