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How Distributors Can Help Construction Contractors Increase Efficiency Part 2

In today’s fast-paced construction industry, it pays to have someone that understands your business needs. As you build your business, hopefully, you are building solid relationships with other parties for continued sustainability and growth. Do not underestimate the power of your own network. Establishing a strong relationship with a distributor, in particular, is a great asset to your company.

However, every distributor is unique in the services it may provide. This is why our Florida construction lawyers advise contractors to thoroughly research distributors to get a better understanding of the services the distributor can offer them beyond only being a source for project materials. In section one, we explained why contractors need distributors and listed ways a distributor can help increase the efficiency of your business. In this final part, we will continue our list.

Minimize Pricing Effects

Material prices are increasing in the construction industry. While you may not always be able to avoid these increases, a knowledgeable distributor will have insight into price increases for certain materials. With this forethought, you can purchase what you need before prices increase.

Training Support

At times you may need assistance with after hours or with startup services. Many distributors host education and training events to educate contractors on the products they supply. A representative from the distributor can come to your jobsite to provide these services. A good distributor will understand your challenges and provide solutions to help you overcome them.

Reduce Waste

Contractors deal with waste on the jobsite regularly. Some distributors aid contractors in waste reduction by offering services such as just-in-time (JIT) delivery, material staging and release, and even clearing the jobsite post-production.

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