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How EOS Drives Business Success

Need a way to link the pieces of your business together and produce results? Consider hiring an EOS implementor who can help you get the results you seek.

EOS, or Entrepreneurial Operating System, is an organization of successful entrepreneurs passionate about helping others succeed. It includes field-tested tools that work rather than a “flavor-of-the-month” business process.

More than 700,000 companies use EOS tools to help them achieve growth, revenue, and profit while allowing for a better work-life balance for business owners and leaders.

The EOS model includes simple concepts and practical tools to help you operate your growth-oriented business with permanent improvement.

There are six key components to any business: vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction.

Breaking Down the Key Components of EOS

Vision – This component entails getting everyone in your organization on the same page, 100%, on where you are going and how you plan to get there.

People – You cannot make it without great people on your team. This component helps you surround yourself with great people so you can achieve your business vision. You cannot do it without them.

Data – This requires you to set aside emotions, personalities, opinions, and egos to concentrate on a handful of objective numbers that show you where you are in reaching your goals.

These first three components of EOS help you create a transparent, honest and open organization that allows you to find and deal with any issues.

Issues – Look at the issues, then knock them off one at a time to solve any problems your company may face.

Process – Identify the core processes that define the way you run your business. Get everyone on board with essential but straightforward procedural steps to create consistency and scalability for your company.

Traction ® – Bring accountability and discipline into your organization. Execute your vision.

Select an Implementer

An EOS implementer will guide your leadership team through the entire process. Select someone to play that essential role. This can be someone from your own leadership team, or you can hire a professional EOS-certified implementer for the best results.

The professional EOS implementer will hold a 90-minute meeting to introduce your team to the concepts so everyone is on the same page on using the system and its tools to strengthen your company.

Hold a Focus Day™ to give your leadership the tools to clarify who is responsible for what. You can set priorities, resolve issues, track critical numbers and determine how to improve communications.

Day 1, Vision-Building: Start this day by reviewing and sharpening the Focus Day tools with your leadership team. You can use the Vision/Traction Organizer ™ to sharpen your vision. Determine who you are, why your company exists, what you do, and where you want to go. This includes getting a great tool to review your staff.

Day 2, Vision-Building: Master the Focus Day tools with your leadership team. Use the day to complete your vision, to clarify a marketing strategy, your 3-Year Picture ™, a 1-Year Plan, and your priorities for the next three months. Use the tool for the next 90 days to execute the plan and start to see improvements.

Hold Quarterly Sessions with Leadership

Achieve traction through the 90-Day World ™. Meet with your leadership every 90 days to refocus, evaluate performance, and set priorities for the next three months. This is the time to resolve any issues that may be impeding your progress. Your team will experience Traction™ every 90 days.

Hold Annual Sessions

Spend two days with your leaders once a year to update your vision, work on team health, and update your vision for the next quarter and the following year.

The End Result

By implementing EOS, you will come away with a focused leadership team, and the company regularly progresses toward achieving your vision.

EOS Works for a Multitude of Business Types

Testimonials from EOS Worldwide® customers show the progress companies can make using this system. In business for 27 years, one company faced a downturn in the economy with a new management team. Implementing EOS helped expedite the decision-making process, enabling the team to accomplish more in a shorter period. It helped the company uncover its culture and live by the values of that culture.

Another testimonial discussed how a team integrated EOS tools into everyday work habits, making its vision clear and well-communicated. The company found it easy to adapt, and within the first year, it achieved a record revenue growth of 87% over the previous year.

EOS Leaders Share Their Successes

Entrepreneurship is no easy road but a commitment to starting a business. To succeed, every company must find the tools that work best for them. Many have shared their successes with EOS.

EOS implementors help companies clearly define who they are, where they are, and how they want to get to the promised land of reaching their goals. In some cases, this might require a wholesale restructuring. EOS helps expose dysfunction that may be leaving a company floundering.

This set of tools helps CEOs and leadership teams find their focus, what really drives their company, and tools to fix any problems.

Another company spoke about meeting monthly with their EOS implementer to review progress and refine their operating system. They found their implementer to be an excellent sounding board for issue resolution, ideas, and insight into business issues.

If your company is seeking a way to get on track for a smart set of strategies to help you meet your goals, consider hiring a professional EOS implementer to help you achieve all you envision for your business.

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