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How Innovation Is Transforming the Construction Industry – PART 1 featured image

How Innovation Is Transforming the Construction Industry – PART 1

In today’s day and age, customers expect quality products and excellent customer service— even on the construction site. Our Orlando construction attorneys have seen innovative changes taking place in the industry to satisfy those elevated customer needs and wants. This two-part article highlights a few of the transformations happening in the construction industry. Make sure to read part two of our article to learn more.

Software and Technology

Technology has breached the brick-and-mortar office to reach the worksite. Mobile devices are being used on worksites to successfully connect back-office operations with remote efforts. Apps are capable of recording pre-bid measurements, collecting vital information, adjusting change orders, creating quotes, and more—even if offline.

Processes and Operations

At times, innovative changes are instituted after a business experiences a serious issue or complaint requiring the assistance of an Orlando construction attorney. They may have not had the foresight or the time to optimize processes and operations prior to needing that legal assistance. Forward-thinking companies are analyzing and then enhancing the way tasks are completed within, and between, departments to gain significant improvements through better project management.

Site Safety Evolution

Worksites have evolved from the early days of construction. More and more worksites are using safety modernizations to protect their employees and avoid the need for an Orlando construction attorney. These innovations include wearable safety equipment and the commercial use of drones for pre-construction planning and daily management.

People and Company Culture

The construction industry has had to change to address the ever-growing needs and wants of customers. Most innovative businesses believe company culture helps employees embrace those corporate changes. Company culture is essentially the “personality of a company” and includes elements like the work environment, corporate vision, and clearly defined, company-wide goals.

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