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How Lean Construction Eliminates Waste

Research shows that the construction industry has progressed slowly over the last few decades.

Studies have shown that in comparison to other industries, construction has suffered from declining productivity and sub-par performance. Our Boca Raton construction attorneys find lean construction worth considering for your upcoming projects.

A Tried and True Method

“Lean thinking” is a set of principles that can be applied to far more topics than construction. For example, lean manufacturing has been widespread for years and has positively impacted the manufacturing industry.

Lean construction maximizes value while minimizing waste. While lean manufacturing can be addressed from a variety of angles, lean construction literature tends to be aimed in the general contractor’s direction. A commitment from those in leadership roles is the foundation upon which lean methods can be implemented and sustained by the entire team.

What is Waste?

Needless waste is at fault for much of construction’s lagging progress. Waste applies to more than just the materials used at a jobsite. It also refers to inefficient labor and actions that don’t add value to the project at hand.

Studies have shown that a full 10 percent of physical materials go to waste, and a mere 40 to 60 percent of labor is efficient. While wasting 10 percent of materials is certainly an area that could be improved, the latter statistic is arguably even more jarring.

The Lean Difference

One of the construction industry’s downfalls has been the push to make everything cheaper rather than focusing on value. Another has been the shortage of skilled construction workers.

Lean construction places a higher emphasis on value, including delivering the following items that have proven important to clients:

  • No change orders
  • Timely delivery
  • Utmost quality (measured by conformance to requirements)

Lean construction also raises the bar for construction workers. Skilled workers are critical in improving the problematic 40 to 60 percent efficiency rate, a huge source of waste.

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