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How Mobile Technology is Helping the Construction Industry Part 1 featured image

How Mobile Technology is Helping the Construction Industry Part 1

In 2016, mobile is everywhere. We use our phones to search for the perfect gift for our spouse or a prompt plumber for the home. We check out our friends on Facebook, update our profile on LinkedIn, and occasionally, make a phone call. The construction site is not immediately synonymous with the use of mobile technology, but it is being used. According to the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report for 2014, 72 percent of construction professionals are already using smartphones on construction sites. And 50.1 percent use tablets on the construction sites.

Mobile apps and other technologies are making work on the job site easier, more accurate, and more efficient. This saves projects money and reduces the likelihood of claims being filed. It’s for this reason that the Tallahassee construction lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants have created this two-part guide to how mobile technology is helping the construction industry. If you would like, you may skip ahead to part two of this series.

Improves Communications

The construction site is a fast-moving place. With so many moving parts and some much at stake, accurate communication is a priority. Unfortunately, it’s an area where construction professionals have struggled as a whole. However, with mobile devices, there’s a great ability for real time communications via chat applications. Also, daily reports can be written and delivered onsite, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Increasing the Accuracy of Reports

Tablets are giving general contractors the ability to create reports as they proceed through their day. This allows them to create accurate reports, not recounts, of what’s happening on the construction site. These reports are enhanced with the use of pictures.

Time Tracking

No longer do general contractors have to rely on paper timecards that are notoriously prone to human error. Mobile time tracking by either the foreman or the workers can give a more accurate account of work time. Additionally, this data can be integrated with payroll software for more accurate payments and accounting software for better analysis.

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