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How Mobile Technology is Helping the Construction Industry Part 2 featured image

How Mobile Technology is Helping the Construction Industry Part 2

Mobile technology is having a major impact on how work is done on the construction site. From how time is tracked to communications to the accuracy of daily reports, there are few activities that aren’t positively affected by the use of mobile technology. While the construction industry is not immediately known for being tech forward, this is starting to change. According to the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report for 2014, 72 percent of construction professionals are already using smartphones on construction sites. This number will almost assuredly increase in the coming years.

In the first part of our series on mobile technology and the construction industry, we gave you a number of ways in which technology has made work on the jobsite more efficient and accurate. This can save projects money by reducing delays and the chances of claims being filed, which any Tallahassee construction law attorney can tell you is a good thing.

Real-time Project Updates

Tablets and mobile phones are allowing project managers to take pictures and report what’s going on at the job site as it is happening. This allows issues to be spotted sooner. It also allows for a quicker assessment of site and project conditions and workforce performance. Having this data on hand allows companies to make better decisions for their projects.

Tracking Equipment

One of the biggest challenges on any construction site is keeping track of the location and condition of equipment. Mobile technology makes this process easier by allowing to make repair requests instantly. Also, integration with accounting software helps you keep a count of your inventory.

Reduce Construction Site Theft

What was once commonplace on a construction project can now be greatly reduced with the help of mobile technology. Cameras can monitor job sites and send feeds to smartphones so that no matter where you are, you can keep an eye on you materials and equipment.

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