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How Subcontractors Can Increase Jobs and Have Fewer Disputes Part 2 featured image

How Subcontractors Can Increase Jobs and Have Fewer Disputes Part 2

Our Tallahassee construction law attorneys understand how common subcontractors are on construction jobsites—their specialized skills are invaluable. However, although subcontractors have the ability to bring profit to a project, they can bring risks if not managed well. Subcontractors must be proactive, finish work on time (or ahead of the schedule), and be sure their work is top-notch to stand out from the competition. This article concludes the rest of our tips for subcontractors. For the beginning of this article, read part one.

Manage the Jobsite Well

Although it’s not the subcontractor’s job to officially manage a construction jobsite, it is a good idea to act in a manner that shows you are engaged with running the jobsite well. Take the time to get familiar with the jobsite by doing a walk-through. Be present and active for workflow planning, material deliveries, safety talks, and whatever else will directly impact your work. Your general contractor may be relieved to see you being proactive with some of the following:

  • Cleaning up daily
  • Securing your own tools
  • Doing your own punch-list
  • Keeping your own set of plans

Keep Change Orders in Check

Often, subcontractors either lose money on changes orders or overcharge on them. It’s important to understand when and how to address payment issues. You want to get paid in a timely fashion for justifiable change orders, but you also want to make sure that you are not using change orders to make up for a low bid. If a general contractor feels a subcontractor is overcharging or submitting untimely change order requests, the general contractor will likely not hire the subcontractor again.

Get Assistance

If you are having issues with high costs, poor contracts, collecting payments, or are considering a claim, do not hesitate to contact a Tallahassee construction law attorney. Working as a subcontractor is not always easy, but can be advantageous for both general contractors and subcontractors.

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