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How Subcontractors Can Win More Contracts Part 1 featured image

How Subcontractors Can Win More Contracts Part 1

Working in construction means you are up against some fierce competition when it comes to “wowing” a general contractor. However, our Tallahassee construction lawyers have some tips to help you stand out from your competition. This first section will focus on contracts, understanding your responsibilities, knowing your limits, and representing the contractor well. Read part two for the rest of the tips.

An Ironclad Contract

Construction disputes often arise due to contract disagreements. Many subcontractors do not thoroughly read or have a clear understanding of the contracts they sign. Never be so desperate for business that you sign something you’ll regret.

The most effective way to avoid disputes is to start every project off with an ironclad contract that has been either reviewed or drafted by a Tallahassee construction lawyer that is highly experienced in contract law. An ironclad contract is one that is clear, concise, detailed, and unambiguous. The most effective way to settle disputes before they occur is through the contract that addresses and defines the following:

  • A well-defined scope of work
  • Type of contract
  • Dispute resolution
  • Payments
  • Changes
  • Terminations
  • Material terms
  • Pricing
  • Project scheduling/time frame
  • Project delays

Understand Your Responsibilities

Subcontractors must be aware of their rights and duties set forth in the subcontractor’s agreement. Getting your agreements in writing is the best way to avoid disputes as well. It’s one thing to know your rights but not understanding responsibilities and liabilities will only complicate your projects. You are liable for your performance under the scope of work. You are also liable for the safety of your own employees, which is why obtaining the proper insurance policies is critical.

Knowing Your Limits

When you are desperate for work, you may be tempted to take on any project that comes your way. Resist the temptation by knowing your limits. Choose projects that not only align with your values but also ones that are within your level of expertise. Taking on projects that are a good match will lead to greater productivity and higher quality work upon completion. This will impress general contractors who will be more motivated to hire you for a future project.

Represent the General Contractor Well

Although you are not an employee, as the subcontractor, you are an extension of the subcontractor’s team. Anticipate the problems and be sure that you and your crew are qualified to do the work properly. It’s important to ensure that you meet project terms and conditions, stay on schedule, and follow agreed upon project approvals. If you do these things, you can make the entire project team look competent and professional.

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