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How Technology is Changing the Roofing Industry Part 1

Few industries are benefiting more from an exciting wave of technology than the roofing industry. The industry has been receptive to new methods of performing tried and true procedures and now innovations are enhancing roofing businesses both in Florida and throughout the United States. New technologies are making the job of a roofing contractor more efficient and safer, while saving them money and opening up new revenue opportunities.

In this two-part series on new technology, we will examine six innovations that many roofing contractors are already using and that many more should consider. For more ways technology is changing the roofing industry, please visit part two of this series.


Drones are affecting nearly every aspect of the construction industry and roofing is no different. Drones are making the planning aspects of projects easier for contractors. Rather than making repeated trips to view a roof and make estimates, drones can fly over and take pictures which in turn can be reviewed for pertinent data. Using a drone in this manner saves roofing contractors the cost of repeated trips to client sites. It’s also a safer way to estimate jobs involving damaged roofs.


iRoofing is a dynamic app that utilizes Google Earth and roofing catalogues to measure the surface area of a roof and build a custom estimate quickly. It can also create a virtual representation of finished jobs with variations of types of building materials. Additionally, iRoofing allows you to generate and sign contracts and manage customer information. While it remains helpful to have a roofing lawyer in Florida review those contracts, iRoofing saves time and money with this important feature.


This project management solution is specifically designed for contractors across all industries, not just roofing. It makes communication easier for all parties and project documentation and details simple to access. Schedules, material purchases, and other pertinent project information can be compared and analyzed to ensure that projects are on track. Acculynx also integrates with QuickBooks, making invoicing and budgeting easier.

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