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How Technology is Changing the Roofing Industry Part 2

In the first part of our series on new technology and the roofing industry, we examined three products that are making jobs easier and safer for contractors here in Tennessee and throughout the United States. There were items such as drones that may require special training, but will save thousands of dollars and apps like iRoofing that exist on your smartphone and can be taken anywhere. New technology comes in all shapes and sizes and can guide contractors through a variety processes, both on and off the roof.

In the second part of this series, we will discuss a few more life-saving technologies, along with a groundbreaking way to build a roof.

Robots and Roofing

For years, robots have been used in the manufacturing industry to streamline the production of certain products. The roofing industry is now tapping this technology in a number of ways to make projects safer and more efficient. Robots are being used as rovers to take pictures of damaged roofs to assess them and to create estimates. Robots can also install items during a roofing project.

Contractor’s Cloud

Contractor’s Cloud is a useful app for all contractors, including roofers. This CRM tool can handle a variety of functions, including budgeting, estimating, and scheduling. It can also track all your customer interactions from lead to sale. The developers of this robust tool continue to make improvements so expect it to have even more functionality in the future.

Green Roofing

As a roofing lawyer in Tennessee we encounter a number of innovative techniques for making roofs more energy efficient. One of the biggest trends to come along is green roofing. A green roof is one with a layer of vegetation growing on top. It also has a waterproof membrane and irrigation installed below. These groundbreaking roofs are not only visually stunning, but it absorbs rainwater and provides additional insulation for the home. Aesthetically, it may not be for everyone, but green roofing is a new technology that keeps sustainability in mind.

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