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How to Avoid Accidents on Construction Sites Part 1

As construction industry professionals, we all know the importance of maintaining a safe work environment. Not only does it prevent the tragedy of an employee injury or fatality, it helps you avoid situations that require the assistance of a Miami construction attorney, such as claims or litigation. However, construction is fast-moving, physical work involving a great number of people of various skill sets. Accidents happen (nearly 150,000 per year according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and when they do, they are often serious.

Not all accidents can be avoided, however, many of them can through the use of best practices designed to keep employees safe. It may take additional efforts, but the tips listed below and in part two of this series will transform your jobsite into a much safer environment.


As the saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Prior to the start of projects, especially ones involving heights or road work, it’s critical to review the jobsite and project plans for potential hazards. This includes determining materials and equipment that will be used as well as any potentially dangerous conditions that employees will be working under.

Safety Training

Training must be provided for general work on a construction site as well as work specific to certain machinery or materials. Training should also be conducted for those working at heights. Workers should understand how to properly use safety equipment.

Safety Meetings

One of the most important actions that can be taken to avoid accidents on the construction site is conducting regular safety meetings. These meetings should be conducted daily for high risk work, such as nighttime road work or work at heights. Employees should be reminded of potential safety hazards and procedures for dealing with them.

Keep Worksites Clean

Many hazards can be eliminated by simply keeping the work area clean. Equipment should be put away once done. Unused materials should be disposed of properly. Pathways should always remain clear. Items such as nails and scraps should be swept away regularly.

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