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How to Build a Strong Construction Culture Part 1

As the construction industry continues to grow and blossom across multiple sectors, it will face a bevy of challenges requiring a skilled workforce comprised of established construction professionals and newly acquired talent. Unfortunately, today’s labor shortage is creating immense growing pains for the construction industry that seek to destabilize one of the country’s time-tested industries.

Offering incentives and raising wages isn’t going to help repopulate the lean talent pool hindering the construction industry. Instead, firms should be focusing on improving company culture to persuade skilled workers to remain loyal to the construction industry while attracting new recruits by showcasing an openness to new ideas and procedures. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our South Florida contractor lawyers have been working in conjunction with construction professionals for years to help improve company culture. In this two-part article, we will share some proven tricks for fostering the growth of your company’s culture while maintaining compliance with established regulatory standards.

Developing a Company Culture

Your company’s culture is an amalgamation of shared attitudes, energy, passion, and trust across all levels of employees. It fosters a uniform identity that can be adopted by all employees to help strengthen your company’s image and improve productivity. Your company’s culture shouldn’t be abstract. If a stranger were to ask one of your workers about your company’s culture, they should be able to answer the question succinctly in only one or two sentences. If culture drives productivity, and profitability is a direct result of productivity, we can assume that a company’s culture is directly intertwined with its profitability. Therefore, culture is vital to your company’s success.

Invest in Your Team

Developing a strong company culture requires consistency and dedication. If your company has a high rate of turnover, it is hard to instill a sense of culture in your employees because they might not believe that they have a future with your company. It’s important to maintain a series of ongoing training programs to recruit, develop, and retain the best employees. Your employees want to progress and grow while working for you, so training programs can help develop their skills in specialized areas that prime them for a lifelong career in construction. If your employees believe that you are preparing them for an upward trajectory in their construction career, they will be more willing to devote their long-term efforts to your company.

Developing your company’s culture is integral for growing your business, retaining employees, and boosting employee satisfaction. In part two, we will continue to explore different ways to build a strong culture for your construction company.

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