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How to Build a Successful Contracting Business Part 5

For contractors, there are many steps to building a successful contracting business. In sections one, two, three, and four, our Orlando construction attorneys covered everything from creating and implementing a business plan to developing long-term relationships with clients. In this section, we will discuss how to properly market your business to attract potential clients.

The Goal of Marketing

Many businesses fail because they do not attract the right clientele. It’s important for all business owners to closely evaluate their marketing goals. Are you interested in acquiring new customers? What types of projects do you want to secure? Are your current clients happy with your services and willing to provide you with a positive online review? Although a word-of-mouth marketing style never hurts, you need an online presence to stay relevant. It’s best to show your online followers how your business operates and how you create solutions for your clients.

Accessible Online Presence

Although there are many social media platforms you can utilize to grow your business, the most important aspect of your online presence is for people to understand the basic principles of your business. Where are you located? How can you be reached? What hours do you operate? Is it easy for clients to get in touch with your business or is there a gap in this communication? Many companies miss out on opportunities because they failed to put these basic principles in place. When receiving a lead, if you appear disinterested or are unavailable to potential clients, they will look elsewhere. From detailed business cards to automated voice messages, there are many ways you can make certain there isn’t a gap in communication.

Diverse Digital Marketing Strategies

Once you have established your online presence, social media can be a great recruitment tool for prospective clients and the next generation of workers. Whether it’s before and after photographs of work you recently did, positive customer reviews, or thought leadership articles, there are many ways you can generate more opportunities to work on lucrative projects than before. Just be sure to avoid any liability issues when creating a social media marketing plan.

Another time-tested strategy is to network locally and slowly scale out your business over time. From becoming a member of industry associations to chamber of commerce meetings to attending industry events in your area or around the country, networking and meeting with similarly-situated professionals can help you refine your own business skills and introduce you to subcontractors and other important resources for your projects.

For more information on building a successful contracting business, please read section six.

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