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How to Counteract Labor Shortages

While the construction industry has experienced growth, many contractors have noted a decrease in skilled labor. A study by the NAHB found that the cost and availability of labor is still a challenge, with the high majority of builders and contractors reporting labor shortages in the past year. Our attorneys have previously discussed the shortage and what has led the construction industry to this point, feel free to brush up on that information here. A Jacksonville construction attorney can also be there as you navigate and counteract labor shortages.

Hire with Longevity in Mind

Hire quality workers who will invest time into your company. Make note of the technical and soft skills you need an ideal employee to have and then hire accordingly. Soft skills to consider would be decision-making skills, problem solving skills, adaptability skills, and attention to detail.

Invest in Training Programs

To cultivate highly skilled workers, contractors must invest and show interest in training all employees. Provide training for all new workers, updated courses for all other workers employees, and opportunities for senior level workers to train inexperienced workers.

In addition to skills training, worksites can provide training directly from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Investing in training programs will not only engage your workers but improve safety on your work site.

Rethink Operations

If you were short on a material, like lumber, you would have to go back to the drawing board and make sure the places that require lumber are necessary and in its full use. Workers are your high-level resource so you may have to adjust to having just enough to do each installment without slowing down or halting overall production time. Until you are able to locate skilled labor, contractors should address the staff they do have and the tasks they need to complete. However, re-working operations is just a short term solution.

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