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How to Deal with a Difficult Subcontractor Part 2

A difficult subcontractor can delay work, refuse to cooperate, and cause serious defects on a construction project. Anticipating and mitigating the damage caused by a difficult subcontractor can be the difference between a project finishing on time or behind and over budget. In part one of this two-part article, a Ft. Myers construction defect attorney at Cotney Construction Law discussed the various ways to prepare for difficult subcontractors prior to breaking ground. Now, we will look at how to spot and deal with a difficult subcontractor once work has begun on a construction project.

How to Spot a Difficult Subcontractor

At Cotney Construction Law, we’re familiar with spotting bad subcontractors. The problem is that a bad subcontractor may not be upfront about difficulties they’re encountering on the jobsite. Even if their work is being completed on time, there could be other problems piling up and going unnoticed. You will need to be on the lookout for delays. Be wary if you notice any changes with a subcontractor’s attitude, number of workers, or payments to suppliers and sub-subcontractors.

Take the Initiative

If you notice any of the above warning signs, you need to be proactive and approach your subcontractor with your concerns. Find out what’s causing these issues. Is the problem with a sub-subcontractor or supplier? Have they been paid enough and on time? You may not need to turn to your contract or insurance if the problem can be solved with them directly.

Removing a Subcontractor from a Project

When the above measures bear no fruit, it’s time to consider termination. If this is early on in the construction project, it may be in your best interest to terminate the contract before things get out of hand. However, if it is later in the project, it’s in your best interest to supplement the work to another subcontractor. The contract will stipulate what can and can’t be done in this situation. If a difficult subcontractor has defaulted or caused a construction defect, a Ft. Myers construction defect lawyer can offer assistance by reviewing your contract and providing aggressive representation to protect your interests.

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