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How to Gain Loyal Employees Part 1

A lack of skilled workers is a major concern for the construction industry. Older workers are retiring and finding skilled talent is not so simple. To meet their challenges, employers need to find ways to recruit and retain construction workers. In this two-part article, our Orlando construction attorneys will share different ways to keep workers happy and loyal. Head over to part two to read the conclusion to our series.

Value Them

Working in construction can be tough. It’s physically demanding and conditions aren’t always favorable. This is why it’s important to go above and beyond to show your employees that you value them and the work they provide. Show them that they are appreciated by rewarding them for high-quality work and by recognizing them for their loyalty to your company. Encourage communication, contribution, and feedback so they can feel like their needs and opinions matter.

Put Their Safety First

Our Orlando construction attorneys understand the type of deadlines you are under as a construction company. Some companies may use this as an excuse to provide what is ultimately poor training. Emphasis must be placed on employee health and safety. Preparing your employees for the job and giving them tools to help them be effective at their job ultimately saves the company time and money. Some of the ways you can show employees that their health and safety are your priority is by providing them with regular OSHA safety training, promoting reasonable work hours, providing health benefits that address their physical discomforts (i.e., muscle strain), and encouraging them to take regularly scheduled breaks.

Provide Fair Compensation

Paying your employees lower than normal industry wages and a lack of health or retirement benefits can affect morale and productivity. If employees don’t feel they’re being paid fairly, they will look for greener pastures. Resist the temptation to cut these costs as a means to save a buck. This also includes working long hours without sufficient pay. Be sure that you are paying your employees fairly. This includes eliminating the pay gap between male, female, and minority workers. If you haven’t already, research the kind of pay and benefits your competitors are paying their employees so that you can remain competitive.

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