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How to Get More Women Into the Construction Industry

Women in construction face a unique set of challenges because of the industry has historically been dominated by males. Nevertheless, we believe the growth seen in the industry creates demand for more workers. This is a demand that women can meet. However, it takes effort on the part of companies throughout our industry to create an environment that’s conducive to this type of growth. Here are three ways the construction industry can do there part to bring more women into the fold.

Create Educational Opportunities

Women must know industry information and answer any questions from supervisors and inspectors. Help promote opportunities for women that cultivate workers diversified in the various construction duties (i.e. painting, drywall, plaster, electrical work, etc.). We recommend educational seminars, apprenticeships, and joining local homebuilders’ association for the educational opportunities out there.

More Construction-Related Careers

With the increase of construction-related career paths, (construction administration, construction engineering, and construction management) vast opportunities expose women to the construction industry. With these increasing educational opportunities and the demand for workers, the job security offered by the construction industry attracts many female workers. Also worth acknowledging is the excellent job the construction industry does of minimizing pay gaps between men and women in similar roles.

Adapt and Counter Unsafe Environments

Getting more women working in construction is a tremendous area of opportunity for general contractors. In spite of that, women on construction sites face many types of discrimination as they attempt to integrate. They may have difficulty finding safety equipment that properly fits, they may face disproportionate criticism about their work, and may encounter more harassment. Speak to your Jacksonville contractor lawyer about providing a safe work environment for all women and men.

Women have a lot to offer to the construction industry when recruited and trained. As the percentage of women in construction climbs, contractors can expect to enjoy the many benefits of an inclusive culture.

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