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How to Get Workers to Embrace Construction Technology Part 1

Technology is ever-present in our society and in business. We not only accept the benefits of technology, we expect it. One area of business that has been slow to catch-up is the construction industry. However, even that’s changing with the emergence of project management software and tools and innovations such as drones and augmented reality that are making construction work safer and more efficient.

However, technology in construction has one major barrier. Many of its workers have an aversion to change. Some of it is generational. Some of it is because workers have achieved success through other means. However, to move forward as an industry, we must realize the potential that lies in new technology.

Our Jacksonville construction lawyers have worked with numerous contractors and construction industry leaders and have seen the benefits of new technology. We also understand the importance of buy-in. That’s why we’ve put together this two-part guide with tips for getting your team to embrace new technology.

Find Champions Among Your Employees

There are individuals that people look up to among your workers. Empower them by allowing them to test out new technology first. They will set an example for others that will make buy-in much easier. This will also give you a chance to roll out technology among a smaller group. If there are any issues, they can be resolved with minimal impact.

Training and Support

It’s essential that you have a training plan prior to purchasing and implementing new software. This plan should have hands-on and online components. People learn in different ways so you have to accommodate for that. Time must be given for the training as well. This means software must be implemented at a time when your staff isn’t being pulled in a number of directions. In addition to the training, continuous support must be given to ensure that your staff has the ability to ask questions and gain a greater understanding of the software.

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