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How to Grow a Construction Business – 3 Major Tips

Just running the day-to-day operations of how to grow a construction business is a huge task. But to continue expanding requires hiring the right team, keeping up with the latest technology, and setting up standard operating procedures to give your company an edge over the competition. Construction business consultants are ready to help you navigate the new world of construction-related technology, help you develop your team along with your standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Grow Your Team

Construction consultants can help you identify key players and best practices for hiring and building your team. With excellent construction business coaching, you can find the formula that will assist you in increasing your revenue by improving your team.

Finding the right talent for your construction business helps spread the workload to competent employees who specialize in various aspects of the company, from accounting to project management, and everything in between. Make sure to evaluate your finances before developing your team so you are aware of your budget.

Team selection is one of the most critical decisions you will make as a company owner. The professionals you bring on board can help you get projects going in the right direction. Poor partners, on the other hand, can be a nightmare. So, before looking at outside resources, look within to determine where you want your company to go and how it should get there. Consider the types of projects you will bid on to determine the players that will make those projects successful.

Also, define your team’s functions and determine who will be responsible for various tasks. Not everyone needs to be a full-time employee since some jobs are only necessary from time to time, such as a landscape architect or testing agency. Collaborate with your construction business consultant to see how you can best grow and utilize your team.

Streamline Technologies

A construction business consultant can assist in assessing your company’s current technology hurdles and provide solutions to streamline them.

Do not stick with old methods of doing business just because you are busy running the day-to-day operations. Step outside of your comfort zone with a great consultant to explore new technologies that will help improve your business model in the long run.

One example of a technology that can save you time and money is a cloud-based platform that you and your crew can use from anywhere with a smartphone app. This keeps all your important information in a single repository, making access super easy.

The construction industry is constantly coming up with innovative equipment and software, which is an arena a construction business consultant can help you navigate. Keep pace with technology and upgrade your technology without fear. In the long run, your construction company will run more efficiently as a result of such investments.

Implement Standard Operating Procedures

A construction business consultant can help you identify what SOPs you need to create that will enable everyone in your company to be working off the same script. SOPs can help your business by building consistency, a shared vision, and teamwork.

Work with a construction consultant to identify the work processes critical to your company’s success. These SOPs are a way for you to distinguish your company from your competitors.

As your company grows and you become less involved in on-the-job operations, employees need to know what you expect from them. Keeping processes “the same” gives them the confidence to know what you expect. The last thing you want is for various crews to be doing the same job in a completely different way. Process consistencies are essential and standard operating procedures that can ensure that the team completes tasks more routinely.

Here are some other reasons to create a great set of SOPs:

  • There is less margin for error since employees know what you expect.
  • New employees can use the SOPs as a training guide.
  • There is no argument on the approach if there are helpful SOPs in place.
  • Adherence to SOPs can increase your profits.
  • SOPs can increase the speed of a work process since there will be fewer, if any, questions about the way a project is approached.

Identify what work processes need SOPs, such as hanging drywall, repairing a roof, unloading equipment, or installing plumbing. You can then make a list of all tools, materials, and equipment needed for a project and then go through all the steps necessary to complete each process. Getting input from your employees on your SOPs and editing them may become necessary. By mapping out each work process, your projects will run more smoothly.

Growing a Construction Business | Consultant Guide

So remember, while you are up to your elbows in day-to-day business operations, a construction business consultant can assist you in setting up a professional team and streamlining the technology your company uses. A good business coach can also walk you through the process of setting up standard operating procedures that will allow you to work through projects more efficiently.

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