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How to Improve Your Low BBB Rating Part 2

A low Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating can be an embarrassing blemish for any construction company. This rating can be the deciding factor between being hired for a project and going without work. In part one of this two-part article, a Fort Lauderdale construction attorney at Cotney Construction Law described the BBB’s rating system. Now, we will look at what a construction company can do to raise a low BBB rating.  

Claim Your Business

The first step you should take is to claim your construction company on the BBB’s website. This will ensure that you can address complaints made against your company. And, if the BBB attempts to get in touch with your company, they’ll know how to contact you.

Complaint Resolution

How your company addresses complaints is one of the main deciding factors in a BBB rating. Therefore, implement a system to review the quality of your construction work and address complaints as soon as something goes wrong. Be responsible for the service you provide at every stage of a construction project by giving owners a clear timeframe for project completion and sticking to it. Your goal is to stem the tide of complaints before they are filed with the BBB.  

When a complaint does make it back to the BBB, the BBB will be watching for your response. Give the BBB what they want, a genuine effort to resolve a complaint as quickly as possible. You can show your cooperation by contacting the BBB directly and working with them on complaint resolution. Also be prepared to answer for any complaints in the event that they reach out to you.

Being a Better Business

Whether or not you improve your BBB rating, your construction company will prosper when it looks out for the concerns of its customers. A low BBB rating need not be a reflection of your company. Remember, if your company has a low BBB rating because it is violating the law or operating without proper licensing, our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys are here to assist you and ensure that your company protects its reputation so you can continue to provide services to clients.

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