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How to Lessen the Impact of the Skills Shortage Part 1

Our Orlando construction lawyers are cognizant of the impact that the nation’s labor shortage has had on the construction industry. The recession that occurred in 2007 took away millions of jobs which left the industry struggling well into 2013. Skilled workers left the industry as a result of the depression. The baby boomers who largely make up the industry are retiring, and the average millennial does not find a construction career attractive.

Now that the industry has recovered, the demand for workers has increased; however, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find people with the right skills to meet the demand. As the labor shortage persists, how can companies lessen the impact of the skills shortage? Read this section and part two to learn more.

Proactive Hiring Practices

When it comes to recruiting and retaining employees, companies need to be proactive in their methods of appealing to job seekers. Pay and benefits have a major impact on whether current employees stay or go and whether job seekers will be interested in working for you. Good hiring practices and competitive benefits and wages will prevent your employees from leaving to work for your competitor.

Improve Company Culture

A company’s culture is all about its vision, norms, beliefs, systems, values, and how they are presented to your employees and the public. It’s also about what you have to offer a prospective employee. A strong company culture is one that maintains and retains happy employees while attracting new talent. When workers feel underappreciated and overworked, your culture will suffer. Satisfied employees will lessen the impact of the skills shortage because they will stick around longer.

Embrace Diversity

Companies that understand the need for diversity and improve their policies and culture in support of diversity can better position themselves to combat the skills shortage. Targeting a diverse workforce that includes women and millennials expands the labor pool and allows them to better compete in today’s competitive environment. Tradespeople with different backgrounds bring unique experience, knowledge, and creativity to the workforce, which also increases production. Companies that are more diverse will have a more positive reputation.

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