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How to Lessen the Impact of the Skills Shortage Part 2

Our Orlando construction attorneys know that the industry has only seen the beginning of the construction skills shortage. As building activity continues to grow, the demand for skilled workers is expected to grow as well. Filling the skills gap will take a joint effort from construction employers, educational institutions, and parents. In the meantime, this two-part will give some tips for lessening the impact of the skills shortage. Read part one for the first few tips.

Invest in Youth and Young Adults

Many kids leave high school without a clear plan for college or their future career. Advocating for the trades is critical. Effective career programs are essential to help youth and young adults make informed choices about their future. Typically, schools and parents push students toward a traditional four-year degree for multiple reasons; however, this may not be the best option for every person. Many times, construction is viewed as back-breaking work with little to no reward, but companies can reach out to schools to partner with them for opportunities to discuss career paths and the benefits of working in a trade with students. Creating scholarships for trade schools is also a great option.

Provide Learning Opportunities

Aside from recruiting youth, companies should also look to their current workforce. Learning should be continuous and workers should be provided with the opportunity to improve a current skill or learn new skills. Look for mentoring opportunities where older workers can train new workers on more specialized work and younger workers can train older workers on newer technology. Send workers to seminars and online training when possible. Stay on top of mandatory training and certifications.

Embrace Technology

The labor shortage has had a major impact on productivity and technology is needed to help sustain the industry. Despite the construction industry’s slowness to fully embracing technology, it isn’t going anywhere. In fact, technology is advancing at rapid speed and the industry needs talent that can keep up with today’s complex technology. If not, technology will outpace expertise.

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