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How to Maintain a Strong Construction Workforce Part 2

The construction industry has been experiencing a good amount of growth which is leading to a greater demand to fill construction job vacancies. Unfortunately, companies are finding it difficult to recruit qualified workers to fill the available vacancies. What’s a construction company to do? This second article is a continuation of our first article where we discuss ways companies can maintain a strong workforce.

Give Them Access to Top Notch Training

The construction industry has to comply with numerous regulations, therefore, training is critical. This is especially true for new workers. The quickest way for a new employee to fall through the cracks is the failure to train properly. Having a comprehensive training program will not only improve the quality of work but the efficiency as well. Training should consist of hazard identification and mitigation, first aid, proper use of equipment and tools, and more.

Provide Stability

Our Birmingham contractor attorneys know all too well the risks of working in construction. This is why it’s critical to provide job stability to your workers. An increase in hours, competitive pay, and a defined career path are all great ways to do so. To ensure there is enough work, only hire the amount workforce you need. To many workers lead to less hours and less pay. To keep workers, you should also pay at or above market rates. This will ensure you have quality workers that are productive. The need to have a defined career path is also a concern for the workforce. Some workers will desire to progress to more challenging roles such as leadership positions. Can you provide those opportunities?

Embrace Technology

Whether you are ready or not, innovation is becoming a huge part of the construction industry. Embracing technology is a must if you want to attract top talent and keep up with the competition. Integrating technology such as drones, 3D printing, safety apps, and smart helmets also aid in efficiency and production. When you become tech friendly, you place yourself in a favorable position to gain and retain a good workforce.

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