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How to Mitigate Claims During the Construction Phase Part 2 featured image

How to Mitigate Claims During the Construction Phase Part 2

During the construction phase of a project, it is imperative that owners and contractors work together to keep the project moving along by aborting potential claims before they spiral out of control. Parties must ensure they are performing pre-construction audits, managing documents, and submitting daily logs and reports to lessen the likelihood of a claim. If you find yourself dealing with a claim, a highly skilled Miami construction litigation attorney from our firm can assist you with your claims. If you have not read part one of our article, we encourage you to do so now to learn more.

Pre-Construction Audits

Pre-construction audits help to keep administrative and accounting processes transparent; and they assist in contract negotiations between owner and contractors to avoid misinterpretation of contract language. They also help to validate estimations and initial cost. These audits help to uphold standard accounting practices when change orders and claims arise.

Document Control

With so many moving parts in construction, it is easy to delay and disrupt the flow of projects. This is especially true of companies that use no system for controlling documents or that depend on antiquated methods of tracking and maintaining their documents. Different software is available to help construction professionals keep their scheduling and budgeting in order as well as alerting them of looming deadlines. Managing and controlling documents boosts standardization and transparency between internal and external project teams, reduces risks, and improves project delivery.

Submittal of Daily Logs and Incident Reports

Our Miami construction litigation attorneys are well aware of how busy you are. You are likely stretched to the brink with contract negotiation, change orders, safety meetings, employee relations, scheduling, coordinating, preparing forms, and making phone calls. On top of that, you have more paperwork to complete. Completing daily logs and incident reports cannot be overemphasized. This is the best way to resolve disputes, to keep track of progress, and to be successful in a mechanic’s lien foreclosure action.

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