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How to Prevent Construction Cost Overruns

When taking on a new construction project, the goal is to ensure that the objective of the project is met and the project is completed on time and within budget. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen as planned. An issue that construction professionals may have to face is cost overruns. Our Jacksonville construction attorneys know that there are various factors that can increase the cost of a project’s original estimation or bid price and lead to legal disputes.

The Reasons Why Cost Overruns Happen

With many moving parts on a project, it doesn’t take much to throw off the budget. Estimating errors are the cause of cost overruns. When preparing estimates, certain costs are mistakenly left out. Sometimes, the cost of materials is estimated incorrectly and other times, the cost of labor may change over the course of the project. In addition to that, if the plans and specifications are not executed properly, this can cause an issue down the line, if changes have to be made. This may include the need for extra work. What’s more, contractors can be faced with owner changes. There may be design errors or defects to contend with as well.

Solutions for Avoiding Cost Overruns

There are ways you can mitigate the risk. A great way to avoid cost overruns is to meticulously draft up your plans and specifications. Drawings and written material must be clear and unambiguous, leaving no room for speculation. This is the perfect time to have a knowledgeable Jacksonville construction attorney review your legal documents so you can avoid extra costs and legal disputes. Another way to avoid overruns is to never assume anything. Get everything in writing. Contractors and subcontractors should know their obligations. Others solutions for preventing overruns include:

  • Thorough planning before the project begins
  • Give some room for possible change orders
  • Hire experienced and reputable contractors and subcontractors
  • Determine who pays for errors
  • Identify potential problems by conducting field measurements and discovering possible hidden conditions prior to starting work
  • If necessary, use a cost-plus bid for projects that present uncertainty

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