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How to Prevent Your Roofing Materials from Being Stolen

Thieves are capable of stealing the roof over your head, even when you’ve yet to finish building it. That’s exactly what happened to the manager of a roofing company who had over $20,000 worth of roofing tools and supplies stolen from him. Roofers need to protect all aspects of their business. That’s why a roofing lawyer in Florida will be detailing how you can protect your valuable roofing materials from being stolen in this brief article. If you are ever in need of legal advice, you should consult with a roofing attorney in Florida as soon as you can.

Who Would Actually Do This?

There is always someone willing to take advantage of an opportunity, even an illegal and heinous opportunity, to make a profit. In this case, shingles are a particular target for criminals, who sneak onto roofing sites in the middle of the night and take what they can. They then turn around and sell them to homeowners looking for a quick deal. And with Florida’s susceptibility to hurricanes and rainstorms, there may be quite a market for stolen shingles.

When materials, like shingles, are stolen from a site, it’s the roofers who have to absorb the costs. As a result, building and home prices must rise to meet these costs. When materials are stolen from a jobsite, it can also have a devastating effect on the community. What precautions can be taken to protect yourself from thieves that strike at the heart of your business?

How to Stop Roofing Materials from Being Stolen

Make a habit of locking up or taking expensive tools with you at the end of the day. In order to avoid shipments of materials from being stolen, try to have them delivered directly to you and secured inside a building. If it can be avoided, never leave expensive materials or tools unattended.

Other forms of security that would be worth investing in are security cameras and tracking devices. The mere sight of a security camera can be enough to give would-be criminals second thoughts. These preventative methods may not stop a burglary, but they can potentially lead authorities to the thieves and to your stolen materials.

You can never be one hundred percent sure that your work items are protected. But you can be sure that you are protected from legal threats. Partner with an experienced roofing lawyer in Florida to ensure that you and prepared for anything that might threaten your livelihood.

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