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How to Promote Transparency on Construction Projects Part 2

There is one quality that our Nashville construction lawyers have seen in some of the most successful construction companies we’ve encountered, transparency. The best construction companies don’t hide important items from the employees and partners. They use information to show everyone their role and empower them to be a part of the success of a project. However, transparency, like so many things in business, is not easy. You have to establish a culture of transparency from the beginning and work to make sure all information is on the table, even if it’s not pleasant.

Our Nashville construction attorneys understand that and have created this two-part guide with tips for achieving transparency. For more tips, visit part one of this series.

Take Notes

In order to be transparent, you need a comprehensive record of what’s happening during a project. Make sure to take notes for as many items as possible. Daily reports are a given, but make sure there are notes for all meetings and send decision-making information via email so that there’s a record. Project collaboration tools can enhance your notes by given you the ability to send documents to team members for real-time editing. Photos and videos can also be added to further illustrate items in your notes.

Accept Constructive Criticism

A part of transparency is dealing with criticism. No one wants to hear criticism, but it’s important to build a culture where constructive criticism is accepted. It’s through this criticism that processes can be adjusted and improved. In a sense, it’s the most powerful aspect of transparency. When you are open about your work process, you give people the opportunity to show you how it can be improved, which can make for a better product.

Use Mobile Technology

Collaboration is a component of transparency. However, your project team and stakeholders are not likely in the same place at the same time. That’s why smart phones and tablets are critical to being transparent. Teams can garner information quickly and easily on the jobsite and can pass it on to team members in other locations.

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