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How to Reduce Contractor and Subcontractor Conflict

General contractors are caught in the middle between the owner and their subcontractors; subsequently, conflicts can arise for any number of reasons. Contractors must make sure that their subcontractors stand behind their work because owners will hold contractors responsible for their subcontractors’ work.

Our Fort Lauderdale construction lawyers know that contractors must manage subcontractors well and have a plan for reducing conflicts. That’s why we’ve put together this short article to help contractors accomplish that.

Contractors can reduce conflict by communicating, setting boundaries, and building solid relationships with subcontractors.

Communicate Often

Our Fort Lauderdale construction lawyers have represented countless contractors in conflict with their subcontractors for a variety of reasons. A lack of communication is typically the culprit for things going awry on a project. Miscommunication often leads to:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Cost overruns
  • Upset clients
  • Disgruntled workers
  • Playing the blame game
  • Misinterpreting a contract

It’s important that professionals know when and how to communicate. While some communication by email is fine, some should be done face-to-face.

Set Boundaries

Many contractors have problems finding reliable subs for their jobs, but it’s crucial that subcontractors have a clear understanding of project expectations. Everyone must be on the same page. To ensure that a project runs smoothly, you need subcontractors that will comply with project safety requirements, stay on schedule, and produce high-quality work. In the end, you’ll save valuable time and money.

Build Long-Term Relationships

Many contractors have problems finding reliable subcontractors for their projects, however, this could be eliminated if contractors build long-term relationships with the subcontractors they work with. This is especially true when a subcontractor has proven to be a reliable and efficient team player. When you establish strong relationships with those that work alongside you, you reduce the potential for licensing and insurance issues, poor workmanship, job turnover, project delays, and other mishaps that could impede a project and even lead to legal issues.

Our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys believe that one of the major keys to navigating the relationship between the contractor and the subcontractors is a well-drafted subcontract. Do not hesitate to have your subcontract drafted or reviewed by a reputable Fort Lauderdale construction attorney.

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