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How to Win Bids on Government Contracts Part 3

In this six-part article, we are educating contractors on everything they need to know to win bids on government contracts. From researching the right opportunities to creating a successful bid proposal, our Miami construction litigation attorneys can help you every step of the way. In the first and second section, we educated you on a few essential areas of the government bid process. In this section, we will offer you some more important advice.

Set Realistic Target Goals

For smaller businesses that are starting off with bidding on government projects, it’s important to identify obtainable project goals. In other words, you need to bid on contracts that you have a legitimate chance of winning. This begins with self-evaluating your business and determining what opportunities best align with the strengths of your company.

By narrowing your scope and focusing on a few realistic options, you are increasing your odds of winning that bid. After establishing a few good government connections, you can effectively create a strong partnership with a few agencies and exclusively work with them and build your way up to the bigger contracts.

Don’t Oversell Yourself

It’s important to always make realistic bids that honestly evaluate your company’s capabilities to perform the work. Remember that your bid is a legal document that establishes what you will deliver to your client if selected. If you fail to provide sufficient work, this can be crippling to the reputation of your business. If the project requires you to perform work you have never performed before, our Miami construction litigation attorneys recommend that you steer clear of that prospective project. Of course, if you ignore this advice and perform the work inadequately, that agency will never select you again for future projects.

Find Strengths That Align With the Bid

Assuming you have zero experience working on government projects, our law firm can help strengthen your bid proposal by focusing on successful work you have performed on commercial projects in the past. If you have experience on similar projects outside of government contracts, this should be featured in your bid package as well. At the end of the day, the government agency wants to know all of the applicant’s strength and weaknesses. They want to know everything from how your business operates to whether or not your business aligns with the specific needs of the project.

For more information on bidding on government contracts, please read sections four, five, and six. If you are interested in partnering with a law firm that specializes in procuring government contracts, Cotney Attorneys & Consultants is here to assist you.

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