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How to Win Bids on Government Contracts Part 6

In this six-part article, in the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth sections, we have provided you with a guideline of how to win bids on government contracts. Companies that follow the specific bid application instructions, provide the right documents in their bid packages, and routinely deliver projects as promised, tend to work exclusively on government contracts. Once you develop a track record of success, in return, you will continue to win more and more bids and develop a successful enterprise.

Partnering with Cotney Construction Law can greatly improve a contractor’s chances of winning government bids. Our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys will help develop the right strategy for your business that can result in gradual success during the bid process. In this final section, we will offer you a few more ways we can help you with every aspect of the bid process.

Starting With the Bid Package

Every effective bid begins with due diligence and a well-organized bid package. As this process is legally binding, it’s best to have our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys meticulously drafting and verifying every detail before you apply. By taking the time to ensure the bid package is in compliance with the government requirements, you will have peace of mind knowing that you performed all of the preselection tasks effectively and accurately.

Understanding the Competition

Because all of our attorneys have a unique background in construction, we not only understand the bid process from a legal context, but we also understand the competition you are up against and how to win contracts. From selecting the right project for your business to evaluating the needs of the project to assessing the competition, we can help you submit winning bids and give your construction company a competitive edge over the competition.

A Variety of Related Services

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our experience goes beyond just applying for and winning bids. We are dedicated to every legal aspect of the construction industry. Here are some bid related legal areas we can help you with:

For projects that exceed $100,000, contractors are required to have payment bonds in place to ensure payment of workers and suppliers as well. We specialize in bond law.
After the bids are all unsealed, even if you are not awarded a project, you can always challenge the decision with a bid dispute. Our law firm can navigate you through a bid protest.

If you win a bid, you will need to sign all the contracts, have all the performance bonds in place, along with numerous other tasks. Our attorneys specialize in drafting, reviewing, and revising contracts for construction professionals.

If you would like to speak with a Fort Lauderdale construction attorney, please contact us today.

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