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HUD Defense Lawyer in Tampa

Contractors are afforded the opportunity to compete for an array of federally funded work which can have a positive impact on their business. However, pursuing opportunities with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires an in-depth understanding of a program’s specific requirements.

A HUD Defense Attorney in Tampa for Contractors

HUD encompasses a broad range of programs and initiatives with complex requirements. Securing federal contracts is no easy feat. Compliance with HUD’s programs can be complex and any missteps could in result in a violation of the department’s regulations, but a HUD defense lawyer in Tampa is a valuable resource to have on your side. An attorney can assist you with HUD compliance issues, responding to complaints or notice of violations, administrative enforcement actions, and litigation.

HUD Program Violations and Compliance Sanctions

HUD’s compliance division, the Departmental Enforcement Center (DEC), handles suspensions and debarments against individuals and businesses that do not comply with the department’s requirements. Commonly reported HUD violations include any form of fraud or abuse in its programs including:

  • Violation of federal statutes
  • Embezzlement, theft, or forgery
  • False statements, documentation, or claims
  • Bribery

Individuals and businesses that are found in violation of HUD regulations are sanctioned in one of three ways:

  • Limited Denials of Participation (LDP): A short and temporary sanction where you would be restricted from participating in a specific HUD program area.
  • Suspension: If you are under investigation, a suspension may be imposed temporarily until the outcome of the investigation is reached.
  • Debarment: Suspensions frequently lead to a debarment, which is a more serious sanction that can last three years or more.

As a contractor, you want to ensure that your business record is without blemish. Getting legal guidance from a HUD defense attorney in Tampa during the suspension and debarment process is highly recommended.

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If you are sanctioned for violating HUD regulations, your business will be prohibited from participating in any federal government business activities. This includes having existing contracts renewed or extended. Furthermore, sanctioned parties will be listed in a database that federal agents are highly encouraged to review before selecting a contractor.

A HUD defense attorney in Tampa from our firm can advise you on how to navigate the sanctioning process and represent you during any legal proceedings. If you need assistance with a complaint, help with responding to a Notice of Violation, or need to appeal a suspension or debarment, contact our office immediately.

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