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Important Questions New Construction Workers Should Be Asking

Being the newbie on the job can be intimidating, but imagine the pressure of a high-risk job such as construction. New hires, whether young or less experienced, should be given as much attention as possible because they pose the greatest risk on the job site at the moment. They should also be encouraged to ask questions and voice their concerns. Our Jacksonville construction lawyers encourage new workers to ask several important questions when starting their new job.

What Are the Dangers and Hazards of My Job?

By law, employers are required by law to inform you about any known hazards at the workplace. If this information hasn’t been readily offered to you, take initiative and ask about potential hazards and dangers that you will be exposed to whether they be working at heights, being exposed to dangerous radiation or chemicals, or equipment that could be potentially dangerous to you. This will help you know how to go about protecting yourself.

Who is My Safety Mentor?

Construction sites can be rather busy with many moving parts, and a new worker could get lost in the shuffle. Employers can limit their liability by pairing new workers with a seasoned employee to show them the ropes. This will not only help the worker to gain solid knowledge about company procedures and safety protocols but it also helps the seasoned worker to provide upper management with honest feedback about the worker’s performance.

When and How Will My Training Be Conducted?

New hires should not be left to sink or swim. As a new worker, you will need initial training (if necessary) before you begin work and ongoing training to ensure you are competent in your daily duties. Before releasing you, employers need to be sure that you can fully function in your role without constant supervision. If you haven’t been adequately trained for a specific task, you should not be performing that task. Consult a Jacksonville contractor lawyer should you need legal advice regarding this.

Where Are the Emergency Kits and Equipment Located?

Depending on the type of job you work in construction, you will be exposed to hazards. By law, employers should work diligently to control the hazards in the workplace. Do you know what to do if you get injured? Do you know who to report the incident to or where the first aid equipment is located? Important safety equipment and materials such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and any other specialized emergency equipment should be located in an easily accessible area.

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