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Important Values for Construction Companies Part 2

As a contractor, you’re going to butt heads with your employees from time to time. Perhaps your project is coming in over budget or a supplier has failed to provide the necessary materials, or maybe one of your workers has been neglecting to wear their personal protective equipment (PPE) or has been acting recklessly on the job site; either way, you need to uphold your company’s values throughout these trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, doing this can be easier said than done.

In part one of this four-part series, the Nashville contractor lawyers at Cotney Construction Law discussed the importance of establishing realistic values that you and your workers can abide by. In part two, we will consider some values that contractors can include in their code of values.

Determining Your Company’s Values

Whether you’ve been a contractor for over a decade or are just now entering the arena for the first time, it’s important to establish your company’s values sooner than later. New employees from Gen Y and Z are more focused on company values than previous generations, which means an ideal candidate could walk out the door if your company doesn’t follow a strong set of values. For example, during the hiring process, you might offer a prospective hire a very lucrative contract, but if your company’s values don’t align with their own, they may pass up your offer in favor of another that more closely considers their thoughts and beliefs. As a result, you need to select inclusive, positive values that won’t put you at odds with new hires.

Two Levels of Values

It’s important to have clearly defined values that operate on two levels. First, they need to apply to your team’s ethics in general. Second, they should somehow relate to the specific working conditions of your industry. If you can promote ethics on the job site while simultaneously improving day-to-day operations, your team will be more willing to submit to your set of values. This can improve relationships between workers and foster a safer work environment. In parts three and four, we will discuss some of these two-level values in depth.

Remember, if your contracting business is having difficulty retaining employees or succumbs to internal struggles stemming from your company’s values, it might be time to rethink your values. A Nashville contractor lawyer can provide you with the legal knowledge necessary to make informed decisions that could have a powerful effect on your workers.

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